The Passing of Genes is the Secret of Evolution

The passing of divine genes is completed by means of the chakras that are the organs of the ethereal physique that encompass the bodily physique whereas in incarnation. They cross the road with the spirit between manifestation and non-manifestation.

The passing of bodily genes is completed by means of the bodily organs of the physique themselves, the precise flesh, blood and bones.

The animal-based mind is the motor perform middle of the bodily physique. It can’t be mentioned that the position of the animal-based mind is unimportant. With out it there can be no life, no physique for the incarnating soul to enter to expertise the earth aircraft. It’s the management of this animal-based mind for utilization by the incarnating soul that’s of important significance.

The animal-based mind is a new gene schnelltest bodily organ by which genes are handed from bodily evolution. These genes are as thought-pictures handed from the mother and father. They’re recollections of traumatic occasions and likewise very impressionable and provoking occasions that occurred to our ancestors.

These thought-pictures can return a good distance, over eons even, to the start of the human race, which was when the primary genes from the upper planes had been inseminated into the animal our bodies. There won’t be thought-pictures handed earlier to that as a result of it was the genes from greater planets that carried the animal into the human dimension. To repeat, it was the inseminating of those greater genes that modified the animal to the human and allowed the passing of genes or recollections or thought-pictures.

Animals that adopted the animal observe, even animals right this moment, would not have this functionality of passing recollections of their ancestors. They function purely on instinctive reactions which might be pertinent to their specific species. People, however, can move these recollections and may change these recollections. The key of evolution itself is within the altering of the recollections and passing on extra extremely developed or educated thought-pictures.

The primary mind was a single glob of matter that registered exterior stimuli when a sample was repeated. Any motion that was not repeated many times didn’t register. It was merely a “musculature” conditioning to exterior exercise – outward bodily actions. These, in fact, included strolling, working, consuming, elimination of waste, procreation, and all the fundamental physique features.

When an motion comparable to choosing up a rock and throwing it was not repeated for an extended time frame, say a number of weeks or a month, the subsequent time it was carried out was like a model new expertise so far as the mind was involved. It had no reminiscence of the earlier try to was a very new efficiency. If the motion had been repeated day by day for a number of days in a row, the muscle content material of the mind would register this new “twitching” or “flexing” and “loosen” up the tight constriction of the cells that had been photographing this motion. It then would turn into a discovered motion and a neater process to carry out from that time on.

Within the early animal-man, the very first motion to register was strolling on two legs as a result of the pre-programmed mind was tuned into strolling on all fours. This standing on two legs to achieve meals excessive up in bushes was truly the primary signal that right here was an animal that might be taught new issues. That first motion of balancing on the 2 hind legs was repeated typically sufficient to register as a muscle reflex motion on the mind. Strolling quickly adopted.

As the subsequent technology was born, the pliability of the mind cells was extra outstanding on account of the usage of the one giving the genes. The change in cells of the mind of the mother and father prompted the genes that had been handed on to their offspring to be extra “superior.” It is vitally necessary that this be understood. Herein lies the solutions to a few of humanities’ puzzling questions of family tree.

A person might father one youngster and three years later father one other who was instantly influenced both for good or for dangerous by what that father did within the three 12 months interval between fathering the 2 kids. The mom additionally has this skill to move on “modified” genes between offspring. As a matter of reality, she has barely extra affect than the daddy as a result of the matter for the shape is drawn from her cells.

The primary animals to face upon the hind legs turned stronger and extra clever on account of taking this initiative on their very own due to their need for meals. It was a matter of survival that instigated the survival of the race and prompted it to develop.

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