Different Types of Wax For Candles

Completely different Kinds of Candle Wax

With the assorted kinds of candle wax in the marketplace in the present day, it’s exhausting to find out simply which candle wax will fit your candle making tasks the most effective.

Extensively used candle waxes are:

Pure-Vegetable Primarily based


Bayberry, also called Myrtle Wax or Candle Berry is a uncommon, costly pure wax made out of Bayberry shrubs. The wax is made by boiling berries from the shrubs. The wax then floats to the highest and is collected and processed for making candles. Bayberry wax has a pure greenish colour and a contemporary scent to it. With a soften level of 118 levels, this wax may be very exhausting and brittle.

Candles which are made out of Bayberry wax are mostly often known as the Christmas Candle. Custom is, a candle made out of Bayberry wax that’s burnt all the best way to the socket, will convey “meals to the larder and gold to the pockets”.


Beeswax has its personal distinctive perfume to it. Used with out perfume, research have proven that beeswax truly helps to purify the air. Beeswax might be naturally filtered which leads to pure white or yellow beeswax. Naturally filtered beeswax is filtered with out utilizing chemical substances. White beeswax is very refined by the Dilco Refining course of, a nicely trusted technique of naturally filtering & bleaching the beeswax. Not all beeswax suppliers naturally filter their Brazillian wax. You will need to know in case your wax is chemically bleached. Beeswax has a soften level of roughly 146 levels.

Pure beeswax is thought to burn longer and cleaner with minimal dripping. Candles made out of Beeswax are thought-about a really top quality, costly candle.


Candelilla wax is a vegetable wax present in nice portions in Northwestern Mexico. Candelilla is extracted from the scrub known as, Euphorbia Cerifera. Like Bayberry, the wax is made by boiling the shrub, and skimming off the resultant wax. The uncooked materials is then refined to a lightweight yellow colour..


Carnauba is a vegetable wax grown solely in Brazil and comes from the leaves of the Brazilian “tree of life”. Carnauba palm grows within the northern and northeastern a part of Brazil the place the soil is darkish and fertile. High quality and colour fluctuate with the age of the leaves, with the youthful leaves offering the prime yellow colour, and the older leaves present the darker colour.


Palm Wax is 100% pure wax made out of the oil of Palm Timber. It’s a exhausting wax with a soften level of roughly 140 levels. It normally is available in flake type. It may be used straight or as an additive to different man-made or natural waxes. The pure traits of a candle made out of palm wax is the gorgeous crystal impact that it produces.

Pillars made out of Palm Wax naturally tunnel giving your candle an exquisite hurricane impact.


Soy wax, additionally generally known as, Soybean wax is a renewable and environmentally preferable different to paraffin wax. Soy wax is taken into account a protected and non poisonous vegetable candle wax. A few of the nice traits of Soy wax is that it could possibly simply be faraway from glass, tin, and different materials for environment friendly recycling and simple clear up.

The eco motion has made Soy wax candles one of the wanted candles in the marketplace in the present day.

Paraffin Primarily based Waxes


Gel Wax is a polymer sort wax that produces stunning clear container candles.


Granular Wax is a paraffin primarily based particle wax. Used to make candle artwork similar to sand artwork and is simple to make use of with kids.

Jelly Candle Wax

Jelly Wax is a premade wax that is available in a tube. Like Granule wax, it’s usually used for craft making with kids.

Microcrystalline Wax Kind I

Microcrystalline wax is used to assist harden different candle waxes resembling paraffin. Attributable to it is sturdiness, Microcrystalline is turning into a well-liked candle wax utilized by itself. Perfume load inside Microcrystalline is larger than most waxes resulting from it is means to bind with oil, which permit for a extremely fragranced candle

NOTE: That is an additive most usually used so as to add rigidity to taper candles, assist wax adhere to the partitions of a container, and cut back or eradicate mottling in pillars. Mottling generally is a stunning visible impact for candles supplying you with a one in every of a form completed product.


Paraffin Wax is a refined petroleum primarily based product.

Paraffin Beeswax Mix

This Paraffin mix normally consists of fifty p.c paraffin and 50 p.c Beeswax.

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